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quotools: instant quoting tools for the metal industry


Integrate you company's in stock products with supplier's products via API Integration for best material selection. customers can select material right from your website, add to cart and submit for an official quote

Customers choose the fabrication services they want added (cutting/drilling/ bending/ welding/ painting). Integrate the services you provide with services provided by partner companies for a one stop shop customer experience

Once a quote turns into an order, live order tracking is available both internally by employees and externally by the customer. You will never have to send an email again letting a customer know that their order is ready (or delayed)


what does quotools do?


why embed quotools on your website?

meet quotools


Metal Pros was founded in 2014 with a goal in mind of helping small businesses succeed. 

Metal Pros is a small quantity metal shop with over 7,000 business customers to which they sold over 6,000 unique products.

As an integral part of the supply chain, quoting business customers was something that Metal Pros had to do quickly and accurately in order for Metal Pros customers to win jobs. 


In the metal industry, typically 40% of quotes turn into orders. Metal Pros reduced the quoting effort while increasing speed and accuracy by building a quoting tool and embedding it on, so customers can self quote.


Since launching the quoting tool, 67% of quotes turned into orders as many customers only had to send quote requests if they wanted to go ahead with an order or if the material required was not in stock or not on the quoting tool.

Today, is one of the best ranked Metal Supplier websites in Canada on Google Search, revenues since year 1 have increased x7 while the number of sales staff remained the same.


The Metal Pros founders want to share what they learned and help other small businesses succeed, by building customer facing quoting tools that will increase exposure, improve service and decrease effort.


Our vision is to be a leader in quoting tool development, expanding beyond the metal industry, by embedding Quotools on websites around the world so consumers can be better informed about what they need to know in order to make purchasing decisions.


We develop Quotools, one quoting tool at a time.

We start by collaborating with a specially selected beta partner in building an internal quoting tool for service they provide (example: waterjet cutting).

We then advertise the waterjet cutting service on our website. As other customers request quotes for waterjet cutting, we will quote them using the internal tool developed.


Once we've tested the extension of the existing quoting tool through 2nd party collaboration, we will be able to determine any integration kinks and embed the learnings back into the quoting tool.

Upon further testing and documenting results, we embed the quoting tool on the service partner's website and make it available to other businesses providing waterjet cutting services.

We then start the process over again, developing new Quotools for new services.

who is using quotools?

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want quotools for your business?

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